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dBest sets the Gold Standard for Private Health Clinics. We are passionate about providing mental health therapy to people when they need it. To help our clients regain their confidence, feel great about themself and their life, and most of all, be happy and smile often.

So, we specifically designed our clinic to take care of all the administrative tasks so you, the therapist, can concentrate on what you do best, helping clients.

Our goal is for you to flourish in a supportive environment and prosper as you advance your career. As an integral member of the dBest team, you will enjoy the following frameworks to help you grow:

  1. Support from a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled team with almost five decades of combined experience.
  2. All your administration related tasks are done for you so you can solely focus on your clinical work.
  3. Marketing and advertising done for you by dBest.
  4. Flexibility to select the type of clientele you believe you can help the most and the hours you want to work.
  5. Generous remuneration to support your career.
  6. Beautiful private office space.
  7. An abundance of referrals from multiple sources right across Australia.
  8. Ample free parking for clients.
  9. Flexible opening hours.

If you’re passionate about helping people improve their mind health to live a happier, healthier life, and you would like to work in a friendly, supportive environment, then we encourage you to fill in our application form on this page.

Once received, we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your application.

Requirements of Therapist

To become a practising therapist for dBest you will require the following.

  • Relevant and current qualifications for the applied position.
  • Experience in treating adults, couples and/or teens.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Currently residing in Australia.
  • Personal mission for helping people consistent with dBest’s mission statement.
  • Willingness to be part of a team.
  • Open to support and help to grow your expertise.
  • Friendly and cooperative colleague.
  • Flexible with working schedule to suit client’s needs.

Certified Reviews

  • I started thinning out a few years ago to the point were i had to start shaving my head, so i thought id Give dBest a go, not really knowing what to expect, 4 months into the program now, need to say im very impressed with the results i have seen so far, the friendly staff are always happy to help and make sure im sticking to the program! if your after a good place to regrow your hair id highly recommend dBest!!

    jeremy gale
  • I was getting a bit thin on top so gave them a crack.....gest thing since canned beer! i definitely recommend dBest going to see them if your worried about your hair.

    Great staff, very friendly and easy to deal with.
    If the chromes starting to show on your dome...this is the place to go!

    Tim Duggan
  • Been going here for just over a year now, haven't had this much growth in years and they really make sure you are following with procedures to get the best results that you possibly can.

    Good service and very friendly staff. Worth a visit for any individual suffering from hair loss

    Chris Tranchita
  • I have been working with Derek Best at dBest for several months. I am impressed at his commitment and investment in the business and his team, as well as his commitment to customer service and business improvement.

    He has instilled a focus on customer satisfaction as the most important metric in the business, vital in any service business.

    Justin Davies