Our Story

dBest’s Mission is to Help our Clients Regain Their Confidence, Feel Great About Themself and Their Life, and Most of All, be Happy and Smile Often.
Welcome to dBest. A health clinic that specialises in helping men, women, and children become happier and confident in themselves by replacing their negative thought patterns with positive ones.

We pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer experiences, and above all, a superior result with quality products, backed by a professional and caring team.

We offer three main services.
  • Mind health, working with our dedicated practitioners
  • Non-invasive and painless hair loss solutions, and
  • Natural skincare products to replenish skin back to its youthful appearance.

dBest Mind Health is a growing team of psychologists, therapists, councillors, social workers, and psychiatrists who provide an environment where everyone feels welcome, supported, and inspired.

We have a great opportunity for leading health practitioners to join us, but first, we would like to give you a little background on why dBest was established.

dBest is the latest business venture from small business owner and local community mind health ambassador Derek Best.

Derek’s first experience of being in a business that dramatically helped people was when he quit his mining job to help his then partner with her hair loss treatment business, back in 1999.

Derek’s previous management experience in retail helped grow this business to what is known as today, Innovative Hair Loss Solutions.

Helping a client regrow their hair is life-changing for them and rewarding as a business owner to have such a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Although the business was growing, Derek battled depression from 2000 to 2004 due to his lifestyle changes. Not realising it at the time, this would ignite a passion for helping others which includes studying psychology at ECU.

Here is a brief timeline of how Derek put his new passion into practice.
  • Started with sponsoring a little Ugandan boy named Joel Emase and volunteering his time at Tony Robbins events to give back to an organisation that had helped him keep going through those tough, early years.
  • In 2009, Innovative Hair Loss Solutions donated over 500 Christmas hampers to the Salvation army.
  • In 2010 with the help of sponsors, Derek sent the children from Oasis House to the Gold Coast with all expenses paid, including entry to all theme parks.
  • On Australia Day 2011, he won the most “Outstanding Citizen Award” in his local community, the Wanneroo Shire. At the time he was the President of the Yanchep Junior Red hawks, AFL club for two seasons.
  • In 2012 he fought in a charity boxing match to raise money for the less fortunate.
  • In 2013 he climbed to the highest peak in Italy with the Telethon Adventurers to raise money for childhood cancer.

At this same period, from 2011 to 2013, Derek faced another challenge to his mind health when he lost three close friends to suicide.

Then from 2014 to 2015, Derek suffered intense anxiety and panic attacks due to his marriage breakdown.

Overcoming these issues was the beginning of his interest in mind health and his mission to significantly reduce the number of Australians who take their own life.

  • Derek started the “Let’s talk about Suicide 2014 Campaign”, where he and a team rode horses from Bunbury to Perth to raise money for Lifeline crisis call centre operators.
  • At the 2018 Life Awards, Derek was acknowledged for his work around suicide prevention by the Chairperson, Dr Vanessa Lee of the Suicide Prevention Australia Committee.
  • Derek has been fortunate to spend time with Dr Jacqui Joseph Bowen. Dr Bowen has practised medicine for 40 years with “hands-on” experience in suicide prevention. She is also one of the founders of “The Black Dog”.
  • Derek has completed the Mental Health First Aid Australia course with the Red Cross, the SafeTalk course and the Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training course.
  • In 2019 Derek co-founded the Beacon Fight For Life registered Charity with Troy Coward. www.beaconfightforlife.org.

It is Derek’s journey for the past 20 plus years, including all the highs and lows that culminated in the establishment of dBest.

A health practice where a percentage of every sale, is invested back into the community to make the world smile.

Our team are constantly searching the globe and researching products and services which over-deliver. And our professional therapists have experience across a broad range of clinical areas with an unwavering passion to empower their clients.

Accompany this warmth and understanding to formulate change in the life of their clients, with a friendly and inviting environment, and the result is dBest rapidly expanding its clientele base and in need of more positive mind health practitioners to join our practice.

As a member of dBest Mind Health, you will enjoy the support of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled team who will take care of your administration related tasks so you can solely focus on your clinical work.

A team with almost five decades of combined experience to showcase your expertise and grow your professional reputation under the umbrella of a powerful and respected brand.

We offer generous remuneration, beautiful offices, and an abundance of referrals from multiple sources across Perth.

You can select the type of clientele you believe you can help the most so we can send you the referrals to match your expertise.

If you are early in your career, we guarantee to provide you all the support you need to make you the best practitioner you can be and help you enjoy a long and happy career in a private practice.

We provide ample free parking for clients, and you’ll enjoy our flexible opening hours.
Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 8.00 pm and 7.30 am to 12.00 pm Saturdays, for the convenience of our clients and staff.

We are committed to providing a lovely working environment where we all come to work to enjoy.

If you are a health professional who would like to work in a friendly environment, where the priorities are focused on the client and the therapist, we invite you to come in and introduce yourself or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Let’s have a chat and show you what is possible at dBest.

Certified Reviews

  • I started thinning out a few years ago to the point were i had to start shaving my head, so i thought id Give dBest a go, not really knowing what to expect, 4 months into the program now, need to say im very impressed with the results i have seen so far, the friendly staff are always happy to help and make sure im sticking to the program! if your after a good place to regrow your hair id highly recommend dBest!!

    jeremy gale
  • I was getting a bit thin on top so gave them a crack.....gest thing since canned beer! i definitely recommend dBest going to see them if your worried about your hair.

    Great staff, very friendly and easy to deal with.
    If the chromes starting to show on your dome...this is the place to go!

    Tim Duggan
  • Been going here for just over a year now, haven't had this much growth in years and they really make sure you are following with procedures to get the best results that you possibly can.

    Good service and very friendly staff. Worth a visit for any individual suffering from hair loss

    Chris Tranchita
  • I have been working with Derek Best at dBest for several months. I am impressed at his commitment and investment in the business and his team, as well as his commitment to customer service and business improvement.

    He has instilled a focus on customer satisfaction as the most important metric in the business, vital in any service business.

    Justin Davies