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Don’t worry, this is nothing to do with science-fiction laser bombardment as seen in TV space operas!

In fact, low-level laser hair treatments can be effective in helping to reduce hair loss and may even reverse it in some cases.

How lasers are used

Lasers can be used in two very different capacities for hair treatment:

  • to remove hair for cosmetic reasons and paradoxically;
  • to reduce the rate at which hair is being lost and possibly to encourage some new growth.

In this article, we’ll be ignoring the first use and concentrating only on the second.

Laser treatment used in that capacity is sometimes also called “cold laser treatment” or “red light treatment”.

How Laser Hair Treatments works

The idea is simple.

Lasers irradiate photons into the scalp. They are absorbed by the cells and that increases blood flow to the follicles and thereby stimulates growth.

It’s fair to say though that the exact mechanisms of what’s happening are not entirely clear and are still subject to some debate amongst scientists. That though begs the question – do laser therapies for hair loss actually work?

What is the evidence?

One study has shown that this treatment has resulted in a 39% increase in hair growth for men in the 18-49 age range over a period of about 4 months. Other studies have also shown that it is both beneficial and safe.

However, it has to be acknowledged that these were small scale studies and most hair care specialists accept that more work is required to understand the processes involved and exactly how successful this treatment is on average.

Does it always work?

No, though it does seem to help many.

For some, the treatment appears to have little or no benefit though the exact reasons for this are unclear. It’s speculated that genetics may play a part or that the underlying causes of the hair loss, such as infection, have not been fully diagnosed and may therefore be unlikely to be responsive to cold laser treatment.

The disadvantages

These are few but might include:

  • it doesn’t always work;
  • it can be expensive if done professionally (though costs are falling);
  • it is a longer-term commitment.

The plus side

Cold laser treatment is:

  • very economic when compared to hair transplants;
  • it is not invasive;
  • it’s painless.


Before starting any hair loss reduction treatment, it’s important to be clear about what is causing your hair loss.

Just like any other condition, there is no single ‘cure all’ and some solutions may be better for certain types of hair loss than others. It’s also the case that different solutions may be more or less effective for some people than others.

If you’re suffering hair loss, the first stage is to have a quick discussion with your doctor. They may perform some checks and tests to make sure that it isn’t a symptom of another condition.

If they give you the all clear, you should then contact a hair loss specialist who will analyse your case and make some recommendations accordingly. They might include cold laser treatments.

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